Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software Application refers to Embedded System Software Development – hardware and software together forming a component of some larger system. The Compact PCI (and accompanying PICMG) platform is an embedded system and Performance Technologies Black Soft product family has been designed to maximize these form factors. An embedded Software Design is an electronic design that contains an embedded micro-controller. The design will therefore consist of electronic hardware, including a micro-controller, and well as embedded software (also known as firmware).
Embedded Software Applications

An embedded Software Applications system design consists of a few stages, some of which can be done in parallel. It all starts with a system or product specification. More often than not, the client is less technical and has only a one line product description. Through discussion and asking the correct questions, a detailed product description is established. This in turn, is translated into a design specification, detailing the crucial aspects of the design including operation, cost, functionality etc.
Embedded System Solutions

There are many different CPU architectures used in embedded designs. One common configuration for embedded OS Development is the system on a chip, an application-specific integrated circuit, for which the CPU was purchased as intellectual property to add to the IC’s design.

Embedded Application Development Tools:

Like a typical computer programmer, embedded system designers use compilers, assemblers and debuggers to develop an embedded system.
Embedded System Applications

Those software tools can come from several sources:
1. Embedded Software Development companies that specialize in the embedded market.

2. Ported from the GNU software development tools.

3. Sometimes, development tools for a personal computer can be used if the embedded processor is a close relative to a common PC processor.

4. Embedded system designers also use a few software tools rarely used by typical computer programmers.

5. Some designers keep a utility program to turn data files into code, so that they can include any kind of data in a program.

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Thus we provide a wide range of design, development and support services for embedded components and embedded systems. This includes product development, maintenance, and testing services that empower you to bring your embedded software products to market faster, in a more cost-effective manner, with increased functionality and also firmware designing and development in C, embedded C, C++, VC++, system programming, and various assembly languages. We also have capabilities in firmware development for microcontrollers (Intel, Motorola, PIC and ARM), and Integration and Testing.