CRM Software Solution


We all strive for greater business success and profitability. This is where Customer Relationship Management software systems prove their worth. A Web Based CRM system could change the way you view your business and the way your customers view you. It can help you win new customers and retain the ones you fought so hard to gain. Even a small percentage increase in customer retention could generate a substantial percentage increase in profitability. So why compromise?

There are a huge number of Web Based CRM software solutions available, the only problem is that you invariably need to change your business processes to fit the software. If you are happy for the tail to wag the dog, then Black Soft is definitely for you. However, if you’d like a CRM system tailored to your exact requirements then Our Web Based CRM Software System is the solution you’ve been searching for.


We provide web based CRM software solutions which enable organisations to use the same system across multiple locations. This ensures continuity throughout your business and that can only benefit you and your customers. Being web-enabled, your Web Based CRM software system would be able to produce reports and statistics in real-time, taken from the most up-to-date information available from anywhere in the world.

Manage your small business more effectively and create a steady stream of profit through Marketing Automation and multi-step marketing. Maximize and manage your direct sales, set up sales teams and distribute leads through Sales Force Automation. Utilize our Email Management tool and discover the most powerful email system available in a CRM.

A fully integrated shopping cart allows you to track and process online orders coordinate all your online and offline sales with marketing campaigns and effectively utilize up-sells, cross-sells, pay plans and more!

With this complete package, the end result is that our customers are able to grow their business in less time and make more money without getting bogged down in the daily details of business operations.

Key benefits of Our Customer Relationship Management Solution World class service, support and training including unlimited technical support from a staff of courteous and knowledgeable specialists
1. Anytime, anywhere access
2. Easy to use interface
3. Secure, tier 4 data hosting along with regular data backups
4. No software, hardware or IT costs
5. Monthly Upgrades and many more.

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Sales with Business Process Automation (BPA), Support, & Marketing with access to back-office tools front-office employees need such as Invoicing, Point of Sale, Projects, Contracts, Customer assets, etc…

1. QuickBooks users will feel right at home. Time & Expense, overtime, vacation, payroll, and much more. Service items & Inventory with serialization, attributes, kits, assemblies, options / accessories, partial fulfilment, back order mgt, etc.

2. E-Commerce / P.O.S. Order Entry – Sell items from your web site via the Biz shopping cart / Enter orders using order entry. Support credit card processing.

3. Everything in-between – Email client with email templates, e-surveys, enterprise portal, contract mgt, Business Management Software, etc…
Unlike traditional CRM software that was designed for larger companies, our small business CRM combines the best of CRM, direct response marketing, e-commerce and small business management into one complete system that enables small businesses to automate and improve their sales, marketing and customer management.
CRM Software Solutions
4. Affordable & Easy to use – Big business management at small business software prices. While other products of this caliber require an engineering degree to understand, we’ve designed ours for business people with common sense
5. User-group permissions – Create groups, set its permissions, then add users to those groups which inherit those permissions (e.g. view, add, edit, delete)
6. Group-based customization – Change/hide tab labels, create custom relationships, configure page layout, columns, fields, permissions, territories, teams, pricing rules, search result views, and more.
7. Price guarantees & No hidden fees – Tired of pricing tricks and hidden fees. We guarantee that your price will never go up, and you’ll never pay extra for new features and modules we add