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Institute Management Software Solution

Web Based Institute Management Software Solution is a Customize and user-friendly web based software for Institutes Management. It has been designed to automate, manage and look after the over-all processing of even very large Institutes. It is capable of managing Enquiry details, Student Details, Faculty Details, Employee Details, Payment Details, accounts details, Student fees details, faculty salary details and employee salary details etc. It also Provides Very helpful report for managing the institutes in easy and accurate way. Institute Management Software
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Institute Management Software
For Admin Login : For Accounts Login : For Faculty Login : For Student Login : For Employee Login :
User Name : admin User Name : accounts User Name : faculty User Name : student User Name : employee
Password : admin Password : accounts Password : faculty Password : student Password : employee
Category : admin Category : accounts Category : faculty Category : student Category : employee
Center : indore Center : indore Center : indore Center : indore Center : indore
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Student Panel

1. Student login id and password, where student can check his attendance, test details, marks obtained details and any tutorial available for download to student.
2. Student Registration from accounts or employee panel (full details: like educational information, contact information etc…)
3. Student course information (like joining date, course ending date, tutorials for student)
4. Student Course Fees Details (full payment or partial payment and next payment date alert)
5. Automatic Alert for pending fees and library fine on student at account and admin panel
6. Library Book details (if any book is issued to student, book return date, book issue date, automatic alert for fine if not submitted book on time)

Faculty Panel

1. New Faculty Registration (Login Id and password) generation from accounts or employee panel.
2. Faculty can check his salary information (as per attendance and next scheduled class)
3. Faculty can provide necessary tutorial for student (just from faculty panel they have to attach the .doc or .pdf file and it will be available for download to student who have join the certain course)
4. Faculty can upload marks of certain test which they have taken, so that it will be available in student panel and even their parents can also view student test details.
5. Faculty can provide question papers to student, just they have to upload question paper from their panel and it will be available for all students.
Employee panel

1. Employee can register a student / faculty / Librarian / employee / accounts depending on rights provided by admin.
2. An Employee can take the attendance of student / faculty / librarian / employee / accounts.
3. Employee can also do some work of faculty like: uploading test result, question papers, tutorials.
4. Employee can check his salary information and attendance information.

Library Panel

1. New Librarian Registration (Login Id and password) generation from accounts or employee panel.
2. Librarian can add / update / delete or manage the stock of books, he can also issue book to student / faculty / accounts / admin.
3. Librarian can manage the fine detail and book lost on student / faculty / accounts / admin etc.
4. Librarian can manage how much book can be issued to a student / faculty /accounts and many more.
5. A quick search for books (via book name, via book ID, via author, via publication) available or allotted to someone.

Accounts Panel

1. New accountant registration (Login Id and password) generation from admin or employee panel.
2. Accountant can add / update /delete record of student fees and fee receipt with reports
3. Accountant can add / update / delete record of faculty salary and salary receipt with reports
4. Accountant can add / update / delete record of employee salary and employee salary recipt with reports
5. Accountant can manage inflow / outflow happening in institute and can take reports and print out from certain date to certain date or quarterly, half yearly, annual.

Admin Panel

1. Admin can Add / update / suspend / delete to a student / faculty / accounts / employee / librarian at any time anywhere.
2. Admin can also check out the details of any student(like fee information), accounts(accountant information), faculty(faculty salary information), employee(employee work information) and librarian(like book stock and fine information)
3. Admin can also check the details like when any of the student / faculty / accounts / employee / librarian has last logged in.
4. Admin can also add certain centre or franchises if they are having.
5. Whole and sole admin is having all the access from top to bottom.
Institute Management Softwares

And hence our web solution for institute Management is totally web based application, it can be accessed at any time and from any part of the world. It also Provides Very helpful report for managing the institutes in easy and accurate way Features.
Institute Management Web Application