Web 2.0 products

Web 2.0 Products India

We use the latest user interaction technologies available for Web 2.0 Products, usability reviews, testing, and performance – with a focus on aesthetics and user experience. We provide full stack of services throughout the Web 2.0 Product lifecycle, from initial consultation and specification development through all phases of application development to ongoing product maintenance and support. Engage us and you will gain an experienced, driven, results-oriented technical partner that will help you reduce costs and cut down on development time.
Web 2.0 Product Development

1. Enhance and Relaunch Software Products as Web 2.0 Application Product.

2. Upgrade and Integrate acquired web 2.0 products development.

3. Enhance web 2.0 to next generation Product Application Service as web 2.0 product development.
Web 2.0 Product Management

Web 2.0 enabled Product allows us to serve a much broader audience across the management and research with significantly reduced cost of deployment, management and total cost of ownership when compared with traditional enterprise products. Web 2.0 based Products that brings the software’s dynamic visual search interface to any web browser by leveraging Ajax technology in the client that connects to powerful new web 2.0 product management services.

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